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    About Us

    Headquartered in Utah, 99Artisans is an online marketplace for professional services. We help customers find and hire the professionals at the price that’s right for them. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, get healthier through yoga, have candid photos of your wedding clicked, get a plumbing job done or plan your kid’s birthday party, we are a perfect platform to meet your service needs.

    What drives us?

    Our vision is to make it super easy to find new opportunities, empower professionals to earn a stable, healthy income through dignified work & break the cycle of poverty through sustainable job creation. 99Artisans aspires to make hiring a professional as easy and straightforward as Amazon have made buying products.

    We are a young, passionate team working on a tough but huge opportunity in the US. We believe there is immense value in connecting customers and professionals looking for each other. We firmly believe in empowering the millions of service entrepreneurs in the country, and enabling them to run their business through smart technologies.