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    Genral FAQS

    What is

    99Artisans is an online marketplace for people to outsource their projects, find local services, and meet professionals that are right for their projects. At 99artisans, it’s home for anyone that provides service. A plumber, Cleaner, Handyman, Artist, Performer, Instructor, Chef, Photographer and many more.

    What projects can I get done on 99Artisans?

    You can post almost any projects you need done on 99Artisans. From projects around the home (like gardening or cleaning) to Event management (like finding entertainers, face-painters, Balloon-twisters) to Instructors (Like personal trainers, coaches etc.) to Artists (like Mural painters, musicians, performers). There are several members that have the skills and experience to get your projects completed.

    Once I post a task, is there a commitment to hire a 99Artisans Worker?

    No, it is FREE to post a task and there are no obligations to select a 99artisans worker unless you find the right person for the job and accept their bid offer.

    How much does it cost to post a task?

    It is FREE to post projects.

    What is workspace?

    When the participants are decided, they can “Enter the workspace” to have further discussion regarding project.


    How do Bids work?

    Bidding is the first step to landing a project and making money. Upon receiving invitations, you can start submitting competitive bids on the project. When the employer finds a suitable professional, they will accept the bid by clicking the “Accept”

    What can users do?

    As a professional, you can provide your detailed information and find out the potential projects

    • Create profile
    • Add portfolios and attached files
    • Search for projects
    • Bid on a project
    • Quit a project
    • Review employer
    • Receive live notification

    What services are FREE for professionals?

    There is no membership fee to join 99Artisans. Join for free and you can enjoy access to the fastest growing online marketplace! If you are awesome at what you do and looking to reach new customers or publicize your skills, you could sign up and make a FREE profile, portfolio to showcase your skills. Then you can share your profile and reviews across a community of infinite talented service providers just like you.

    I created my profile but it does not show in the listing.

    Member profiles get listed after providing address and other mandatory information such as Professional title, Hourly rate, Skills, Category, About you & Your experience. Please navigate to the “Profile Details” tab on member profile and provide the information.

    Can I post a project as a PRO?

    Yes, every member could post a project.


    How do I submit a project?

    To submit a project, please follow the steps below

    1. Go to the homepage (
    2. Click on the “Post a Project” button
    3. Enter your project details
      1. Title
      2. Budget (Just Numeric number)
      3. Skills of the professional you intend to hire
      4. Category
      5. Address 1
      6. State (Type the first letter and choose from the system generated list)
      7. City
      8. Zipcode
      9. Describe your project in a few paragraphs
    1. Click on Submit

    Next Steps:

    1. Select a professional and invite to bid (or) wait for quotes to arrive to your inbox.
    2. Feel free to post it on your social network. Your friends might invite someone that wants to work on projects like your’s.

    How do I invite Professionals?

    1. Go to profiles page
    2. Search by Keyword or Zip
    3. Find the professional
    4. Open the profile
    5. Click on Invite me to Join
    6. Select the project from the pop-up
    7. Click on Invite button

    How do Bids work?

    Submit a Project – Get Quotes – Hire the best.

    What can users do?

    As an employer, you can easily login to the site and immediately start posting your project. Once your project is displayed, you can search for the suitable freelancer and invite them to join you.

    • Create profile
    • Post a project
    • Find the freelancers
    • Invite freelancers to bid
    • Complete the project when the freelancer can’t fulfill your need
    • Receive instant notification

    How much does it cost to post a task?

    It is FREE to post few projects. Once you have accepted the agreed project price you will need to accept the bid and eventually pay the professional when the work is completed.

    Does 99Artisans provide insurance for people that complete tasks?

    Currently we do not provide liability for personal injury (bodily injury, invasion of privacy, defamation, assault or battery) and property damage (physical damage, destruction or loss of tangible property or loss of use of tangible property) to the professionals that are registered on our website.

    What Trust & Quality features does 99Artisans provide?

    99Artisans does not verify credentials, certifications and licenses or perform criminal background checks of professionals or customers. Your access and use of our platform are at your own risk. We are not liable for any harm resulting from user content or user conduct. We will inform you if this changes in the future.

    What should I look for to ensure safety?

    Whether you are hiring on our website or any other place, always use your best judgment. Check for credentials, request references, be wary of people that provide extremely low bids, verify personal identification, security clearance, liability insurance etc. depending on your needs and use your best judgment prior to hiring professionals.

    What services are FREE for customers

    There is no membership fee to join 99Artisans. We believe in openness, choice & convenience. So why wait? Join for free and you can enjoy access to the fastest growing online marketplace! As a free member, you’ll be able to create projects, conduct searches, send and receive messages, invite professionals to bid or contact them directly.

    I posted my project but it's not listed

    Please confirm your email prior to posting a project. Once the account is confirmed, an active project can be created.