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    If you are looking for effective energy healing that spans the body, mind, emotions and spirit – you have come to the right place! I offer two types of session – Reiki and Intuitive Alchemical Healing. I also teach workshops and train students to become Reiki practitioners.

    When you come in for Reiki, we will first get to check in and discuss what your intentions are for the session. As we begin the session, you will lie down and relax on a massage table. I run Reiki energy through your body and energy centers. this work is very relaxing and is thought to help the body remember how to heal itself.

    Intuitive Alchemical Energy Healing:
    In these sessions, we begin in much the same way. However, it is the work that is done on the table that is more dynamic. A session begins with invocation for mother earth, father sky, the directions and your guides. It is a journey and different for every person. No two sessions are alike. These sessions serve to accelerate your personal expansion and growth. This is highly recommended for empaths and those looking to make big changes and gain greater connection, insight and understanding into themselves.

    Classes: see website for class announcements

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