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    You want to party.

    I love to party.

    So, I bring the party everywhere I go. Nothing is better than a night with good friends, good drinks, and good music.

    So then, why choose Danger Close Events? First, I am a professional DJ, not a guy with an IPod or good channel on Pandora. I came up in the electronic music scene from back around Y2K and treat my profession as an art. I offer much more than an IPod playlist, or speakers hooked up to Pandora. I bring knowledge and experience that guarantees that you and your guests will have fun throughout the night. I use Virtual DJ 8 with my turntables, with access to over 15 million songs so I will be able to field all requests and specialize in Pop (Top 40), R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and EDM, but have Country, Rock, Latino and many others.

    Additionally, I boast one of Central Texas’s best laser and lighting shows for a mobile DJ. My lighting with a light haze from my fog machine creates an awesome experience for you and your guests. Additionally, with the X-Laser Mobile Beat Max, I can make any number of customizable effects for your event and not blind your guests. For a sample of what this laser can do you should go to YouTube and see for yourself. Also, I use a low density fog, so that you and your guests can still hit the dance floor without choking on smoke from the fog.

    Finally, I can also offer a music video package, which will play the music videos via a projector image along with the music, while they are playing, or you can use the projector and 100-inch screen for a picture slideshow if that is better for you. The cost will vary depending on what you need. I encourage you to visit my other pages and see what I offer and hope you choose us for your wedding. Feel free to call or email with any questions that you may have.

    Thanks for your consideration and I hope that you choose Danger Close Events for your next event or party. I promise that this will be a celebration that you and your friends and family will remember for years to come. So, let’s Light Up The Night!

    -Danger Close

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